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Jesper Eriksson - Transformative Materials

We sat down with the London based artist to discuss coal, fossil fuels and the nature of materials.


Photographer Kasia Wozniak and set designer Lisa Jahovic present 'Negative Mirror' ...

PRIDE 2018

Here’s our pick of the best Pride campaigns of 2018 ...
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Photo Diary

Whilst attending Biennale Architettura 2018 Rob Fiehn documented some well known faces with his trusty Olympus OM20 ...

'Freespace' Preview

Architectural correspondent Rob Fiehn picks his highlights to check out this summer at Biennale Architettura 2018 ...

Gavin Coyle - man of the woods

Bobby Jewell sits down with furniture maker Gavin Coyle ...

Christiane Spangsberg - Works In Progress

Imogen Eveson spends an evening in Sydney with Danish artist Christiane Spangsberg, as she sketches out the year ahead following three sell-out shows in 13 months ...

Rowan Williams on Education

Designer Rowan Williams reflects on his experience of his design education ...


It's our last creative news round-up of 2017 .... Enjoy!
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Adventures in Dalbergia

We paid a visit to the studio of Federico Méndez-Castro, a fine dust maker located on Granville Island, Vancouver ...

mario macilau

The extraordinary, everyday ...


'Tis the season to be jolly (almost!). Before the holiday season sweeps you off your feet take five minutes to have a look our latest round-up of creative news. Enjoy!
The Splash

The Goldloxe Effect

Creating in the shadows ...

The Enduring Allure Of Indigo

Jenny Balfour Paul shares what makes the power and draw of natural indigo so enduring and what we can learn from its rich and magical history ...


An audio visual explosion this week, plus an array of very very interesting objects from Athens ... Enjoy!
The Splash


We chat to the NYC based designer about his practice, wax chandeliers & chairs having conversations ...

Empty spaces to extraordinary experiences

Museum and interior design practice Casson Mann talk about how they create world-class innovative and engaging experiences.


Ease into the start of the weekend with another round-up of creative news ...


That name sounds familiar! Rob Fiehn sits down with architectural studio SODA to find out about their Soho beginnings and how they're searching out interesting new projects.


Take 5 and read our round-up of creative news ...
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the perfect equilibrium

Rethinking creative strategies to balance profit with consumer wellbeing ...


We kick-off the start of October with another round-up of creative news ...
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Last week we ventured into the heart of London Design Festival to surround ourselves with the best the city’s creative scene has to offer. Here are some of our top picks…..
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Steven Learner

The founder of the Collective Design Fair shares his insight into the design industry ...


Another selection of creative news ...
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Mark Denton Esq.

We sat down with Mark Denton Esq. Ad Man Extraordinaire ...


Dive into another round-up of creative thoughts and news ...
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The Old Fashioned Way

“You never have to backup a sketch book, and a pencil will never run out of batteries …”


A Tuesday treat! A round-up of creative news from across Europe ...
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Faces In Focus

Making change through photography, the latest Faces In Focus exhibition opens on August 31st ...


From Game Of Thrones to Prince, and everything in between ...
The Splash

Vivienne Brophy

Vivienne Brophy defines future practitioners as Head of Architecture at University College Dublin ...

Denim & Steel

'Denim & Steel Interactive' create intuitive, strategy-led software and technology. We sat down with founders Todd Sieling and Tylor Sherman in their studio in our SODA x VANCOUVER series ...


We've got some interesting news for you ...
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Our monthly series showcasing ongoing work from photographers and artists around the globe ... this month we're delighted to introduce Aidan O'neill and his Swaziland story ...


Our latest creative news round-up .....
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Kauri multimedia: the storytellers

The Award Winning filmmakers tell us their story ...


The best subway ever and other musings on the latest creative news ...
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The Uber Game

With all the bad press that Uber’s been getting in recent months, we’re constantly reminded of the challenges that their drivers face. But sometimes it’s quite difficult to put it all into perspective. The Financial Times have sought to remedy this by designing “The Uber Game” which simulates what it’s like to be a part of ‘the gig economy’. The object is to make enough money over the course of the week to pay your mortgage. From drunk passengers puking in the back of your car, to chips in your windscreen, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome. We had a go and apparently performed better than 84% of players, while still being $400 off the mortgage payment target at the end of the week. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be tipping the driver the next time we jump in an Uber!

Turning the Old into the New

‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’: a phrase which Omar Aquil clearly relates to. His most recent project, MIMIC, includes six 3D recreations of Pablo Picasso paintings. When looking at Aquil’s work, it looks as if you could reach out and touch the objects, with each image generated by Cinema 4D-Vray, Photoshop, and Illustrator software. We absolutely love the interaction of geometric shapes, use of light, and choice of material in the recreations. Next time we check back on Aquil, we hope to see six more.

From the Stage to the Publishing House

It’s not often you hear of a rock band frontman foraying into the realm of children’s books, but Orlando Weeks, formerly of Maccabees, has shown there’s a first time for everything. The Gritterman, the story of an elderly working-class man who sells ice-cream in the summer, and grits the roads in the winter is Weeks’ new creative outlet, following the disbanding of Macabees. Amazingly, he’s responsible for the illustration and writing the story, not to mention the piano soundtrack which is written, played and sung by the man himself…..And all I can do is play ‘Three Blind Mice’ on a keyboard.

VR, AR, and R&A..Oh my!

No, this blurb isn’t about The Wizard of Oz; it is, though, about a main theme in the film: a transitional space between our standard world and a new reality. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Take a look at Stathis Stylidis’ plans for the Evripides Hotel in Athens. These plans include revamping the hotel to include experimental space for the research and applications of virtual reality and augmented reality. The hotel will still include the amenities you’d normally expect, but also new features like workshops for creation and space for a virtual environment. By combining VR and AR technology, the possibilities for the space are endless. Let’s tap our ruby shoes and see where this project takes us! 

Brilliantly Bonkers

When British designer, James Whitaker, developed a concept for a house comprised purely of shipping containers, I wonder if he thought it would ever be realised. Fast forward a few years, and his London-based Whitaker Studio have brought the vision to life on top of a mountainside in Joshua Tree, California. Each container is positioned either to optimise views of the stunning Californian landscape, or to offer complete privacy, and it’s simply stunning.

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