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SODA is an online magazine exploring design and the wider creative industries, featuring original content written and curated by ourselves and guest writers we have commissioned. We share stories of interesting and unique people, projects, places and points of view that are shaping the creative disciplines we all live, breath and love. 

SODA was set up by the team at London-based PR company TDC PR who have a unique position working at the heart of the creative industries across a broad variety of clients. Passionate about exploring all facets of the design world, SODA is a platform to share new and interesting takes on design and creativity and to encourage ongoing discussion and debate about the state of design affairs. 

Get in touch with us at info@sodazine.com


Dean Di Simone

Tokyobike’s Dean Di Simone on the state of branding ...

Stevie Wong

Stevie Wong and his observations of the film industry ...


About Us