Chelsea Jade Campbell talks DNA repair, interactive nail polish and the future of experiential branding ...

Dean Di Simone

Tokyobike’s Dean Di Simone on the state of branding ...

Stevie Wong

Stevie Wong and his observations of the film industry ...



Pocket Holograms

If like many of us, you’ve become disillusioned with the miniscule advances made from one smartphone iteration to another, you’re in luck! ‘Red’ have announced the release of the Hydrogen One Media Machine, the first smartphone with 3D image capabilities. What’s really striking though is that wearables aren’t needed to enjoy the holographic display. As Red say, "it is no longer necessary to carry (or charge) another device to enjoy multi-dimensional content." The phone has a modular design and allows you to seamlessly switch between 2D and holographic content… And all for a measly $1,195!!

No, No… Don’t Bin that!

Angelique van der Valk is on a mission to show the many uses of food waste. She’s taken peels and stalks from vegetable waste, dried and gently-pressed them, and created a beautifully preserved material. The natural cellulose in vegetables allows her to stick them together when putting them under pressure. So, the next time you’re inclined to chuck the potato skins you’ve peeled down the waste disposal, stop and think of Angelique.

Peeking Into Another World 

There’s something slightly off about these photos, right? They can’t be just coincidence? They’re not. Photographer Kanghee Kim from Brooklyn has placed faux reflections across everyday objects, essentially manipulating reality to produce these stunning images. Instead of using Photoshop or editing the images, she prefers to keep the little imperfections, and with results like that, it’s hard to argue! See more of her work here http://kanghee.kim/

Gita by Piaggio. Pic: DesignBoom

Ready for boarding!

Looking forward to the summer holidays? Absolutely. If it wasn’t for all the heavy and bulky suitcases. Good thing smart companies are now looking at how to improve our travel experience. We can’t wait for these robot suitcases that follow us wherever we go, charge our phones and look amazing. 

From an animated lesson about Hubble Deep Field images for TED-Ed

Images explaining space

Yukai Du is very good at making things easy to understand. The Central Saint Martins graduate from 2014 creates beautiful illustrations explaining complex topics such as the Hubble telescope, prime numbers or a photoshop tutorial. Using both still images and motions, her work has already won international prizes and been published by The TelegraphThe Guardian and the New York Times. Have a watch below ... 

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