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Another round-up of creative news ...
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Introducing a new series showcasing ongoing work from photographers and artists around the globe.

A Dancer's View

Retired Royal Ballet dancer turned photographer Andre Uspenski launches his first exhibition, 'A Dancer's View'.


Makers House : 'Inspiration & Process' was a unique collaboration between Burberry and the Henry Moore Foundation ...


Chelsea Jade Campbell talks DNA repair, interactive nail polish and the future of experiential branding ...

Dean Di Simone

Tokyobike’s Dean Di Simone on the state of branding ...

Stevie Wong

Stevie Wong and his observations of the film industry ...



A Darkly Satirical Twist by Frank Kunert

The Truth Lies Beneath the Surface

Initially, German photographer Frank Kunert’s images seem to show ordinary, everyday scenes from a miniature urban setting. A second glance however reveals dark twists behind the scenarios that he presents. The sets can take months to be created and captured as part of Kunter’s “Photographs of Small Worlds” series and are designed to highlight the lack of depth behind our communication and everyday interactions. Explore more here ... http://www.thisiscolossal.com/...

MIT…Back in the Fold

The gals and guys over at MIT never fail to amaze! Their media lab, Tangible Media Group have developed a process whereby inflating fabrics, paper and plastic allows them to autonomously fold into origami-like shapes and patterns. aeroMorph plots heat-sealed markings across the surface of a given material via a specially designed software, meaning it bends in just the right places when gradually pumped with air.


London’s Deep Dark Secrets

This one’s for all the strange individuals out there who lie awake at night, wondering about the unsavoury past of their London borough. Thankfully for them, the east-end based creative agency Impero have developed Grim London to ease their minds. It’s essentially a map which allows you to enter your postcode and delve into its dark archives. Be it murder, hanging or haunting, Grim London’s got something for everyone! Find out more here ...


Mark Rothko, No. 8 (LILAC AND ORANGE OVER IVORY) {ORANGE AND LILAC OVER IVORY}, 1955 Hood Museum of Art, Darmouth College, Hanover; gift of William S. Rubin, © 1998 Kate Rothko Prizel & Christopher Rothko/Artist Rights Society (ARS), NY

"Tragedy, ecstasy and doom”

While his work may still polarise, baffle and delight audiences, it’s hard to imagine the world of art and design without the iconic work of abstract expressionist, Mark Rothko. On the eve of the launch of Rothko, The Colour Field Paintings - a new book about the artist with a forward by his son Christopher Rothko, AnOther magazine have put together an intriguing list of Ten Things You Might Not Know About Mark Rothko. But perhaps the most entertaining line in the write-up was a quote from the cheerful Rothko himself: “I am interested only in expressing basic human emotions – tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on…”. Read more here ... 


Image by Vikrant Dashputre

One with nature

At first glance, it may look like an upgraded version of the Teletubby house, but thankfully, you won’t find Tinky Winky and co. anywhere near this delightful structure. The purpose of the ‘Gumpha House’ is to try and close the widening gap between city life and nature. “Gumpha House takes the visitor on an unexpected journey between heaven and earth” and “between light and darkness” says architect Shailesh Devi. Situated in Maharahtra, a state in western India, the project invites you on a journey of discovery in becoming one with nature. Explore more here ...


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